The Clever Pathway

Focused on early childhood learning and foundational skill-building, the Clever Play program is organized and experienced through a path system built within our six areas of exploration. These paths represent a progressive forward motion—literally taking students from where they are now to where they can and want to be. The more they learn, the more they know, and the more opportunity opens to them. Just like in the real world.


Coding is a new way of thinking and is the language of the future! This Robotics program will have your child thinking and tinkering with design and purpose using a variety of different robots to code by hand and build custom-made creations they can touch, hear and even run around with!

Schedule: Saturdays
10:00 AM-11:30 AM

Video Game Design

This program combines touch screen magic with your child's imagination and creative powers. Children will enjoy tinkering colored cubes to put together game backgrounds, elements and characters of their very own video game!

Schedule: Saturdays
04:00 PM-05:30 PM

Coder Kid

Aspiring coders dive into creating animated stories and interactive experiences while learning essential programming concepts. Learn the foundations of computational thinking- an essential skill in this tech-driven world.

Schedule: Sundays
04:00 PM-05:30 PM

Chemical Engineering

Masters Engineers use the Engineering Design Process to design, create, test, and refine various mixtures and solutions with different chemical properties. They manipulate the speed of different chemical reactions, synthesize their own rocket fuel, and investigate the secrets of polymers.

Schedule: Sundays
04:00 PM-05:30 PM

3D Printing and Modeling

Imagination meets manufacturing in this hands-on program where children learn how to design simple 3D models and prepare them for 3D printing. Children will watch their creations come to life before their eyes!

Schedule: Tuesdays
04:00 PM-05:30 PM

Electronics and Inventions

Get creative in a maker environment that blends electronics and code! Explore a future in electrical programming, and engineering by creating interactive games, LED matrix displays, and spinning propellers. Create, make, invent and engineer with electronics!

Schedule: Wednesdays
04:00 PM-05:30 PM

1:1 Online Coding Program

Sharpen your child's tech skills today! From home. From your couch. From your beanbag with our facilitator-guided online coding program!

Schedule: Available anytime!
For registration, click here

Build In-Demand Skills

Future Careers

Environmental Scientist
Software Developer
Marine Engineers
Computer Analyst
Biomedical Engineer
Robotics Engineer
3D Printing Engineer
Data Scientist

Future Skills

Critical Thinking
Computational Thinking
Complex Problem Solving
Cognitive Flexibility
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